Ruby & Tawny Port 3 Bottle Tasting Set
  • Ruby & Tawny Port 3 Bottle Tasting Set

    Try our 2020, 2021 and 2012 Tawny Port and taste the difference with this unique 3 bottle set.


    Enjoy 2 x bottles of our delicious Ruby Port (750ml), one bottle from 2020 (choose your label) and our newly released 2021 (The Bunny Hunter - Jade's Special Edition). Compred the two with our delectable Tawny Port made from a blend of every year since we began in 2012. All delivered straight to your door. 


    Read our tasting notes below or make your own before you read ours!


    See If You Can Taste What We Can:

    2020 - now 2 years old is beginning to take on the more complex flavours of a Tawny - as the tanins release the taste becomes smoother and more raisin like in character.

    2021 - one of our best years yet. Rain during Spring kept the fruit small which adds to the depth of flavour that has come through straight away. Hints of ripe black currant tingle your taste buds with a sweetness we've never quite tasted before!

    Tawny - a rich aged Tawny Port with strong hints of raisin and dried fruit. The flavour is both smoother and rounder, with balanced acidity and a long, lingering finish on the palate. Musty, sweet and an all round flavour sensation.


    Perfect for sharing with friends.


    Choose from each of our Hunter's Collection labels for your 2020 or opt for a surprise.


    Please note these are 750ml bottles. 

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