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Most people who plant vines dream of savoring the wine that their grapes produce.


But, for smaller producers they often have to compromise on this vision after their harvest is blended to make up volume and this can be frustrating; the estate’s identity within the wine’s characters has been lost during this process.  


My ambition is to help boutique growers achieve their vision by providing a high quality service for small batch wine production.

I learned very quickly that wine is a living thing and a great wine can only be achieved through hard work and attention to detail.

It is true what people say... “wine starts in the vineyard then needs to be nurtured and loved through every stage from the growing vines", to the bottling of the fermented grapes, each variety and individual block is managed differently to produce the perfect wine for the boutique grower.

Living and working in a major wine area I saw the frustration of smaller producers watching their precious grapes disappearing into estate blends and only imagining what their fruits of labour could really taste like.

Opened in March 2012, DC Wines Limited is Central Otago’s boutique contract Winemaking facility.


It was established firstly to cater for the rapidly growing number of small wine producers in need of wine production and secondly as a small batch bottling facility.

Please feel free to contact Debra on 027 270 5518 or email for more information.

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